Using the Timatic CLI Mainframe application – Full Text Structure

Full Text Structure

Every country listing comprises of seven sections, and a few sub-sections. In comparison with Timatic, there are small alterations like (the ordering of sub-sections). The Full Text replies are taken back for TIDFT commands, or through the Menu/Keywords.

From the Visa (VI) section, there are two subsections that have been withdrawn. The Re-Entry Permit (RP), and the Exit Permit (EP).

Below is a list of seven sections and subsections, with freshly added access codes for subsections, highlighted in bold. The section and subsection are codes which appear in brackets:

  1. Geographical information (GE)
  2. Passport (PA)
    1. Passport Exemptions: (PT)
    2. Document Validity: (VA)
    3. Admission and Transit Restrictions: (RE)
    4. Crew Members: (CR)
    5. Military: (ML)
    6. Additional Information: (AI)
    7. Minors: (MI)
    8. Warning: (WA)
    9. Notes: (NO)
  3. Visa (VI)
    1. Visa Exemptions: (VS)
    2. TWOV (Transit Without Visa): (TW)
    3. Merchant Seamen: (SE)
    4. Crew Members: (CR)
    5. Military: (ML)
    6. Visa Issuance: (IS)
    7. Additional Information: (AI)
    8. Minors: (MI)
    9. Compulsory Currency Exchange: (CO)
    10. Warning: (WA)
    11. Notes: (NO) 
  4. Health (HE)
    1. Exemption from Yellow Fever vaccination: (EM)
    2. Recommended: (RC)
    3. Warning: (WA)
    4. Notes: (NO)
  5. Tax (TX)
  6. Customs (CS)
    1. Import: (IM)
    2. Arms and Ammunition: (AA)
    3. Wild Fauna and Flora: (WF)
    4. Additional Information: (AI)
    5. Export: (EX)
    6. Crew Members: (CR)
    7. Pets: (PE)
    8. Baggage Clearance: (BC)
    9. Exempt: (EM)
    10. Notes: (NO)
  7. Currency (CY)
    1. Import: (IM)
    2. Export: (EX)
    3. Notes: (NO)