Using the Timatic CLI Mainframe application – Full Text Structure

Full Text Structure

Every country listing comprises of seven sections, and a few sub-sections. In comparison with Timatic, there are small alterations like (the ordering of sub-sections). The Full Text replies are taken back for TIDFT commands, or through the Menu/Keywords.

From the Visa (VI) section, there are two subsections that have been withdrawn. The Re-Entry Permit (RP), and the Exit Permit (EP).

Below is a list of seven sections and subsections, with freshly added access codes for subsections, highlighted in bold. The section and subsection are codes which appear in brackets:

  1. Geographical information (GE)
  2. Passport (PA)
    1. Passport Exemptions: (PT)
    2. Document Validity: (VA)
    3. Admission and Transit Restrictions: (RE)
    4. Crew Members: (CR)
    5. Military: (ML)
    6. Additional Information: (AI)
    7. Minors: (MI)
    8. Warning: (WA)
    9. Notes: (NO)
  3. Visa (VI)
    1. Visa Exemptions: (VS)
    2. TWOV (Transit Without Visa): (TW)
    3. Merchant Seamen: (SE)
    4. Crew Members: (CR)
    5. Military: (ML)
    6. Visa Issuance: (IS)
    7. Additional Information: (AI)
    8. Minors: (MI)
    9. Compulsory Currency Exchange: (CO)
    10. Warning: (WA)
    11. Notes: (NO) 
  4. Health (HE)
    1. Exemption from Yellow Fever vaccination: (EM)
    2. Recommended: (RC)
    3. Warning: (WA)
    4. Notes: (NO)
  5. Tax (TX)
  6. Customs (CS)
    1. Import: (IM)
    2. Arms and Ammunition: (AA)
    3. Wild Fauna and Flora: (WF)
    4. Additional Information: (AI)
    5. Export: (EX)
    6. Crew Members: (CR)
    7. Pets: (PE)
    8. Baggage Clearance: (BC)
    9. Exempt: (EM)
    10. Notes: (NO)
  7. Currency (CY)
    1. Import: (IM)
    2. Export: (EX)
    3. Notes: (NO)


Using the Timatic CLI Mainframe application – IATA

A pdf document can be found on > timatic

The document explains to the users the latest Timatic software development and Timatic structure.

A redeveloped Timatic is to ensure the consistency making it simpler for check-in agents to understand the answers given, since the relevant details will consistently be shown in the same sequence and place.

Timatic structure

Basic Principles

Timatic database contains information retrievable by query response transactions. Possible types of queries are:

  • Full Text
  • Specific Database
  • Miscellaneous

Full Text

This query returns an entire, up-to-date display of the subject requested. This subject could be described by country and section and/ or subsection. (Shall be explained separately)

Specific Database

This query returns a tailor-made response to an itinerary-specific query, based on passenger’s nationality, destination and embarkation points, transit, and country (ies) stayed in the last 6 days. Health information is a section of Specific Database. Can be seen in the pdf document.


Miscellaneous queries comprise of News, Rules (“Terms & Definitions”) Group lists and City/Country code tables.

Source: > timatic