Ever wondered why shepherd’s pie is called “Shepherd’s Pie”?

As I was preparing shepherd’s pie for an evening meal, my mind began to wonder, why is shepherd’s pie called “shepherd’s pie”?

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According to Wikipedia, shepherd’s pie is a meat pie, with a crust or topping of mashed potato. I used chicken mince for my recipe, and not the beef mince.
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Cooked chicken mince with jalapenos

It narrates in Wikipedia, the dish was originated in United Kingdom and Ireland. The main ingredients of the recipe are mashed potato crust and meat filling.

Mozzarella cheese is layered top of the cooked chicken mince.

Grated cheese layered on top of filling

Wikipedia also states, the recipe has many alterations, however, defined ingredients are minced red meat, (usually, the lamb is used for ‘cottage pie’, and beef for ‘shepherds pie), cooked in gravy or sauce with onions and occasionally with vegetables, then topped with mashed potato and finally baked. Some use grated cheese to create a layer of melted cheese on top.

Mashed potato ready to be layered on top of mince and cheese

I prepared the mashed potato, adding a hint of salt and black pepper for extra taste.

The cook books of earlier times, as stated in Wikipedia described the recipe as a method of utilizing leftover cooked meat of any type, with the sides and bottom of dish covered with mashed potato, aswell as the top.

Mashed potato layered on top of cooked mince and cheese

Whilst spreading the mashed potato oil from the mince mixed into it. At the time, it looked stained and quite unpleasant. However, surprisingly after the shepherd’s pie was cooked, I was overwhelmed by golden and crispy effect.

Baked shepherd’s pie ready to be eaten
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Shepherd’s pie served with coleslaw, beans and salad