Package Holidays

Package Holidays


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A holiday sold for an individual price that consists of travel, accommodation and transfer services, is defined as a package holiday. In the United Kingdom travel and tourism industry, package holiday is one of the most important products. It has been about 50 years since they started offering package holidays, and have grown to be tremendously popular.

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A traveller pays a single price for the major three parts of their holiday (travel, accommodations and transfer). The flight is covered in the package, and if it’s an outbound holiday, it will also include transfer from the airport to the hotel, and cost of accommodations. Food being obtainable depends whether the passenger is self-catering or not. Certain activities while on holiday, like small trips and visits to attractions must be paid at the airport, by person booking the package.

Before the existence of internet, it was complicated for normal people to make reservations with hotels in different countries. It was also difficult to make other arrangements.

A holiday offer with everything included was extremely appealing, particularly to a place with guaranteed warm weather.

A tour operator puts together package holidays, sold to the public by travel agents. The travel representatives promote the holidays issued by tour operators in brochures, for the public to select their desired holiday.

Although, the ‘established’ method of selling package holidays still occurs, majority of people are now using the internet to purchase their holiday.

Currently, tour operators sell their products straight to the public.

Every package holidays are not only sold to coastal destinations, rather they can be purchased for city breaks, winter sports holidays and many other types. The valued feature is that the holiday has been ‘packaged’ or put together by the tour operator, agreeing to buy seats on an aircraft or beds in a hotel. Traveller’s buying single products are more expensive, in comparison to package price which is often cheaper.


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