Introduction to Travel and Tourism: Business Tourism (Topic 5)

What is Business Tourism?
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Business tourism is defined as people wanting to travel for business reasons, other than the normal day to day trips to their usual work place. The business trip may incorporate flying to a different country for a conference, or just driving to the area of meeting.

The travel and tourism industry heavily shows importance to business tourism. Business’s like budget hotel chains depend enormously on the revenue that is produced from business travels.

The definition of business tourism according to the ICCA is quoted as:

“Business tourism is the provision of facilities and services to the millions of delegates who annually attend meetings, congresses, exhibitions, business events, incentive travel and corporate hospitality”.

However, it is stated that not one frequently used definition exists in the meetings industry, as there are numerous terms.

According to (Unit-1 An introduction to Travel and Tourism), business tourism is not just related to business. People may desire to take the chance to visit important attractions, in the city or location of their business trip, and make time for leisure tourism into their visit.


Unit 1- An Introduction to Travel and Tourism

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