Dozens of flights left grounded as IT system fails at Heathrow airport

Stated in the daily mail today (20th December 2018) that serious delays at heathrow airport were encountered by thousands of passengers, following an IT system collapse.

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The failed computer system occured in terminal 5 of heathrow airport, leaving passengers facing delays in checking in.

The check-in system Amadeus was collapsed for 20 minutes, which is used by many airlines, including British Airways.

A statement by BA verified no flights had been delayed and the computer system was back, completely functioning.

Furthermore, no flights were to be delayed or diverted as a consequence of the glitch, a BA spokesperson said.

A third party supplier was affected by the technical problem, confirmed a heathrow spokesperson.

Baggage and check-in was disturbed on a short term basis, which had been recovered, was a global matter. The heathrow spokesperson apologised for the inconvenience or delay caused by this.


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