Mouthwatering Chicken Mince Lasagne! Italian or Greek?

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Cooked Chicken Mince lasagne ready to be served.

Prepared Chicken Mince Lasagne ready to go into the oven.

Wondering why you’ve come across food on a travel blog? Well cooking is part of my daily chores, travelling is a passion and education is a learning method. Sometimes, on a day off from the usual job or studies, cooking something special for the family is a fun idea. As I love cooking a few speciality dishes here and there, its a pleasure to share on my blog.

My family loves chicken mince lasagne served with chips and salad. A tangy and spicy sauce made to its perfection (dolmios) mixed in the cooked mince, and dazzled with cheese. Ready to get further cooked in the oven, until golden brown. With a choice of chips and salad as a side, enjoy the mouthwatering scrumptious meal of the day.

Serving with chips and salad.

History of Lasagna or Lasagne

Many articles and sources on the internet proclaim its origination can be discovered long back in Ancient Greece. It states that the names Lasagna or “Lasagne” is obtained from the Greek word “Laganon”, the initial type of pasta. Italy, of course asserts they were the first. (

Please comment below if you want a receipe of my Chicken Mince Lasagne.