Badshahi Masjid (mosque) Lahore Pakistan

Badshahi Mosque Lahore (RazPhotos)

TheMuslim state, in 1947 Badshahi Mosque or “Imperial Mosque” is located in Lahore, Pakistan. It’s a Mughal era masjid in capital of the province of Punjab, Pakistan. The masjid is located beside the outskirts of the Walled City of Lahore, west of Lahore Fort and is extensively contemplated as one of Lahore’s most iconic monuments. (Wikipedia)

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Emperor Aurangzeb commissioned the Badshahi Mosque in 1671, with the construction of the masjid persisting for two years till 1673. The mosque is a significant exemplar of Mughal architecture, with the outer adorned with carved red sandstone with marble inlay. It remains the largest and most up to date of the magnificent imperial mosques of the Mughal-era, and the second biggest mosque in Pakistan. The Sikh Empire and the British Empire used the mosque as a garrison, after the Mughal Empire dropped. (Wikipedia) Although the mosque appears like an excellent religious construction, its past has seen additional use as a military foundation. (Atlas Obscura) The mosque was controlled by Sikhs at circle of the century, and used it as stable for horses and other military components. During the Sikh Civil War groups of refuges were bombarded near the Lahore Fort. The mosque was in a poor condition as it continued being used a military storage, right through the British rule. It was in its worst condition of preservation. (Atlas Obscura)

Badshahi Mosque Lahore (RazPhotos)

The mosque was eventually restored to its indiginous motive, and considerable repairs were undertaken, when Pakistan became a liberated Muslim state, after 1947. Repairs continued until 2008, and now at present time the Badshahi mosque has nearly returned to its natural 17th century state. (Atlas Obscura)