Introduction to Travel and Tourism (Topic 4) Types of Leisure Tourism

9Describing the main types of leisure tourism.

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Initial thought about leisure tourism is holidays. Leisure excursions are commonly considered by people for relaxation and enjoyment. These holidays are taken in groups of family or friends, by couples and frequently people travel alone to make new friends. These types of holidays are predominately taken for less than two weeks.

Interestingly it is stated in R.Heyns book about travel and tourism, that in the 1930s common people took majority of the holidays. The holiday would primarily last a week, commencing and finishing on a Saturday. Those days there were typically less paid holidays, and people barely could afford a week of vacation. In comparison to today, people are able to receive paid holiday of maximum two to three weeks a year.

Certain types of holidays such as short breaks, commonly taken for a week, are growing quite popular as second vacations. People nowadays with unlimited time and being able to afford a short break, travel on a weekend or during the week, more than twice a year.

Alternative type of holiday is city breaks which are equally becoming very common. A city break is a short holiday taken for up to four nights, to a city that possesses countless tourist attractions and facilities. Paris and Barcelona are the most popular destinations for city breaks. These two cities have world-famous attractions where tourists indulge themselves in. Furthermore, tourists can travel from the United Kingdom to Paris by rail, road or air by using the Eurostar service.

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Other forms of leisure tourism, include people travelling to locations divergent to relaxation purposes. There are several reasons why people travel for leisure purposes.

These include health and fitness tourism, which possibly associates to a rock climbing trip, a walking holiday or a cycling tour. Additional reason is sports tourism, where a visit to a major sporting event takes place by the spectator, such as a motor racing Grand Prix in another country. Sports tours can equally be taken by competitors, where perhaps they could run in a marathon, and need to remain absent from their homes.

Health tourism is another reason why people travel for leisure purposes. People go to a different country for medical treatment, either because the therapy is not available or is excessively expensive in the country they reside in. Moreover, educational tourism is an additional reason, where students go on college and school visits, and foreign language exchanges are linked directly to study experiences.


Unit-1 An Introduction to Travel and Tourism

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