Introduction to Travel and Tourism (Topic 3) Motivating factors of tourism

List of motivating factors of tourism.

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Generally speaking majority of time people want to participate in tourist activities. This may include wanting to relax on a sunny beach, visit family for special occasion, travel to watch or take part in a sports event, or just to enjoy oneself in different cities.

Above motivational factors give people the desire to travel to places of their choice. Other motivational factors are when people go on educational visits or participate in an adventure activity that involves travelling.

Names have been given to some motivational tourist activities. People’s desire to experience different places and cultures are called “wanderlust”. There are people who have a list of desired exotic destinations they would like to see and explore, whenever the opportunity arises.

Another strong motivational factor, where people desire to travel to places with warmer climate and sunny conditions, is called “sunlust”. Tourists from the United Kingdom leave each summer for the Mediterranean resorts, for the hot sunny and settled weather, to relax on the beach or hotel pool.

Furthermore, some people head towards the museums, art galleries and sites of religious interests, who are motivated to experience different and new culture.

Lastly, tourists travel to places purely based on getting out of a normal routine lifestyle.


Unit-1 An Introduction to Travel and Tourism

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