Introduction to Travel and Tourism (Topic 2) Difference between inbound and outbound tourism

What is the main difference between inbound and outbound tourism?

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Inbound tourism refers to tourists coming in a country, and outbound tourism is defined as tourists getting out of their original country to be in a different one. The two terms (inbound and outbound tourism) is believed to be international tourism, defined as travelling from one country to another.

Wikipedia states the World Tourism Organisation defines tourists as people “staying outside of their origin for about a year for business leisure and other reasons”.

Inbound tourism can also be defined by others as, “people travelling for 24 hours and up to a few months to another country from their home country”. This type of travel is mainly for business and leisure purpose. For instance, if someone is travelling from the United Kingdom to Canada, they would become an inbound tourist for Canada. However, if a local is travelling to United Kingdom from Canada, that person would be classified as an outbound tourist of Canada.


Unit-1 An Introduction to Travel and Tourism

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